Details for Notice of Adoption of Zoning Ordinance

Notice of Adoption of Zoning Ordinance
The Montgomery County Board of
Commissioners adopted a Zoning
Ordinance on June 10, 2019. This Zoning
Ordinance applies to all unincorporated
areas of Montgomery County. The Zoning
Ordinance establishes agricultural,
residential, commercial and industrial
zoning districts in the unincorporated
areas of Montgomery County, establishes
procedural rules for applications for
rezones, text amendments, appeals
and enforcement, establishes permitted
uses, special exceptions for use and
development standards for each district,
establishes a board of zoning appeals
which has jurisdiction over administrative
appeals, variances and special exceptions,
establishes regulations for wind turbine
zoning, siting, set-backs, and other
matters, provides that wind turbines are
allowed only as a special exception in
industrial districts and are not permitted in
other zoning districts, and establishes other
rules and regulations to provide for efficient
development of land in Montgomery
The Zoning Ordinance contains the
following penalty provisions:
Any structure or use that violates this
Ordinance shall be deemed to be a
common nuisance and the owner of
the structure or land shall be liable
for maintaining a common nuisance.
Any person or legal entity that is found
by a Court of competent jurisdiction
to have violated any provision of this
Ordinance may be fined not more than
Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars
($2,500.00) per offenses, plus costs,
and attorney fees where the action is
not brought pursuant to I.C. 36-7-41013, and have judgment entered
The adopted Zoning Ordinance is
available for inspection by interested
persons at the office of the Commissioners,
110 South Boulevard, Crawfordsville,
Indiana 47933, at the Office of the Building
Commissioner, Marc Bonwell, 110 South
Boulevard, Crawfordsville, Indiana 47933,
and the Office of the County Auditor,
Montgomery County Courthouse, 100 East
Main Street, Crawfordsville, Indiana 47933.
Office hours for County offices are 8 a.m.
to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, except
holidays. The Zoning Ordinance has also
been incorporated into Chapter 159 of the
County Code and may be accessed at the
Montgomery County website.
The Zoning Ordinance takes effect 14
days after the publication of this notice.
This notice dated June 10th, 2019.
John Frey, President
Montgomery County Plan Commission
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