Kettelhut Construction, Inc. shall accept bids for the Crawfordsville Community School
Corporation Renovations to Crawfordville High School project located in Crawfordsville,
No. 1 – General Trades
No. 2 – Masonry
No. 3 – Steel
No. 4 – Finish Carpentry / Manufactured Casework / Countertops
No. 5 – Waterproofing
No. 6 – Fluid-Applied Membrane Air Barriers
No. 7 – Roofing
No. 8 – Framing / Insulation / DAFS / Ceilings / Acoustical Panels
No. 9 – Firestopping
No. 10 – Joint Sealants
No. 11 – HM Frames / Doors / Wood Doors / Hardware
No. 12 – Coiling Counter Doors
No. 13 – Aluminum Storefronts / Glazing
No. 14 – Terrazzo
No. 15 – Ceramic Tile
No. 16 – Resilient Base / LVT / VCT / Carpet
No. 17 – Resinous Flooring
No. 18 – Painting
No. 19 – Signage
No. 20 – Toilet Compartments
No. 21 – Specialties – Material
No. 22 – Visual Display Units
No. 23 – Lockers
No. 24 – Bleachers
No. 25 – Fire Suppression
No. 26 – Mechanical
No. 27 – Electrical / FA / Communication
No. 28 – Earthwork / Utilities
No. 29 – Asphalt Paving / Track Re-surfacing / Signage / Markings
No. 30 – Fencing
No. 31 – Landscaping
Kettelhut Construction, Inc. shall accept sealed bids for Bid Packages No.1, No. 26 and
27 at:
Kettelhut Construction, Inc.
740 Sagamore Parkway South, Lafayette, IN 47905.
The selected bid packages will be opened by representatives of Crawfordsville Community School Corporation, CSO Architects and Kettelhut Construction at 3:00 p.m. at the
office of Kettelhut Construction.
The remainder of the bid packages may be submitted electronically to the following
email address:
See critical dates & times listed below (all Eastern Standard Time).
Issued for Bid: Monday, September 16, 2019
Pre-Bid Meeting: September 25, 2019 (Time TBD)
Bids Due: Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. local time
The Pre-Bid Meeting will be held at Crawfordsville High School, Crawfordsville, IN
47933. A tour of the facility will follow.
Bid’s received after the listed time and date will be returned unopened. The bids for
packages No.1, No. 26 and No. 27 shall be enclosed in a sealed envelope, properly
marked with the name of the Owner (Crawfordsville Community
School Corporation) and Construction Manager (Kettelhut Construction, Inc.). The
project title, and number of the bid package being bid, the company name, the company
address of business, and the company contact information.
The following documents are required to be completed in full and submitted with
each bid proposal by the above referenced bid issue due date and time:
1. Bid Form – All Bid Packages
2. Bid Bond – Bid packages No.1, No. 26 and No. 27
3. Contractors Bid for Public Work Form 96 – All Bid Packages
The following documents are required to be completed in full and submitted for
each bid proposal within 24 hours after bid issue due date and time. Deliverable via
email to Greg Helms at
1. M/W/VBE Participation Forms
• Statement of Proposed M/W/VBE Utilization
• Waiver Application – Good Faith Effort
2. List of Subcontractors with Corresponding Scope of Work (Section 00 43 00)
3. List of Material Suppliers (Section 00 43 00)
One set of Bidding Documents consists of one set of Specifications and one complete
set of Drawings; and shall be made available via electronic media (Pipeline Bid Software)
through the Construction Manager. Hard copies are to be printed at the Contractor’s
For questions regarding the bid documents contact Ms. Brittany Cain at (765) 447-2181
or via email at
Bid packages No.1, No. 26, and No. 27 will require a bid bond in the amount equal
to 5% of the base bid sum to be submitted with the bid proposal. All bid packages over
$100,000.00 will be required to include an add alternate for performance and payments
bonds for 100% of their base bid, including alternates. Performance and Payment Bonds
may be required for select scope of work packages based on Owner and Kettelhut Construction, Inc.’s discretion.
The project has established goals for Minority Business Enterprises, Woman Business
Enterprises, and Veteran Business Enterprises. Each bidding contractor shall reference
Section 00 11 00 – Supplementary Instructions to Bidders and Section 00 40 00 Bid Form
for the goals that have been established.
The Construction Manager reserves the right to reject any and all bids and/or to waive
any irregularities and informalities in the bid responses.
Bidding documents may be examined at the following locations:
Plan Rooms:
Kettelhut Construction, Inc.
Office of the Architect

740 Sagamore Parkway South
CSO Architects

Lafayette, IN 47905
8831 Keystone Crossing

Ph: (765) 447-2181
Indianapolis, IN 46240


3215-A Sugar Maple Court

South Bend, IN 46628
hspaxlp 9/12 & 9/19 2t


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