Details for Notice of Adoption of Ordinance 20-2019

Notice of Adoption of Ordinance 20-2019
Ordinance Amending Section 96.05 Use of Tobacco Products of
Chapter 96 Of the Crawfordsville Code of Ordinances
On September 9, 2019, the Crawfordsville Common Council passed Ordinance 202019 that the Mayor approved to take effect on or after publication of this notice. Full text
of the ordinance is available upon request in the City Clerk-Treasurer’s Office, at 300 E.
Pike Street, Crawfordsville, Indiana, 47933. An abstract of the ordinance follows:
ABSTRACT – ORDINANCE 20-2019 – An Ordinance Amending Section 96.05 Use
of Tobacco Products of Chapter of the Crawfordsville Code of Ordinances
Section 1. That Section 96.05 of the Crawfordsville Code of Ordinances should be
amended as follows:
No smoking will be allowed at any time in or about the City property described in
division (C) of this section.
This section does not apply to smokeless smoking-cessation aids.
This section applies to the following properties owned, operated, or leased by
the City;
(1) City buildings;
(2) Milligan Park;
(3) The City pool and splash pad, which incorporates the entire fenced area of the
pool, as well as any buildings located at the pool;
(4) The Marie Canine Plaza;
(5) Frances Wooden Northside Park;
(6) Lincoln Park;
(7) Nibble Park;
(8) Old Coke Plant;
(9) Philip Q. Michael Trailhead Park;
(10) Sugar Creek Trail;
(11) Pike Place Park, which includes Pike Street between Washington Street and
Walnut Street if the park gates are closed;
(12) Bark Avenue Dog Park;
(13) Sugar Creek Nature Park;
(14) Dr. Kathy Steele Playground;
(15) Downtown Trail;
(16) Any City-owned vehicle or operated vehicle; and
(17) Such other property as the City may designate from time to time by this
amendment to this section.
Smoking is defined for purposes of this ordinance as, to ignite or cause to be
ignited tobacco or tobacco products or derivatives, cigars, pipes, which includes but is
not limited to tobacco, or a derivative thereof, the use of electronic cigarettes, or other
devices utilized for “vaping” such as vapes, vaporizers, vape pens, hookahs, hookah
pens, e-pipes, or any other product or derivative that emits a gas or cloud which is
commonly understood to be smoke which may be or is intended to be inhaled by any
person. This section also includes smokeless tobacco products such as chew or snuff.
Any person violating this section will, upon conviction thereof, be fined $25, if
the conviction is the first offense under this section. If this is the second conviction the
fine will be $50. A third offense will result in a $75 fine and for each and every conviction
thereafter a $75 fine.
The ordinance, for the purpose of public safety and welfare in the City of Crawfordsville
as an amendment addition to Crawfordsville City Code Chapter 96 Use of Tobacco
Products. The Crawfordsville Street Commissioner is authorized to install the necessary
signs and markings in conformance with Indiana law. Violations of the ordinance are
punishable by civil fines and penalties under the City’s ordinances, of the Crawfordsville
City Code.
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