As crews begin to move dirt for a pavilion at the Crawfordsville District Public Library, director Larry Hathaway is seeing a dream become reality.

Hathaway said the library staff has long wanted to have a place where library patrons could enjoy the outdoors.

A new 16 foot by 50 foot timber frame pavilion will give patrons a place to enjoy reading outdoors. It will also give the library staff a place to conduct educational programs or have book discussion groups. The project is centered in the grassy area between the two parking lots.

Crews from Edwards and Van Matre Construction began moving dirt earlier this week for the concrete pad. Hathaway hopes to have the project finished by the summer of 2012.

No taxpayer money is being used to fund the project, which will cost about $75,000. Library officials received a $20,000 grant from the Montgomery County Community Foundation for the project. Donations from local residents and the Friends of the Library will also help pay for the project. To finish the project Hathaway said the library will begin a fundraising campaign to raise an additional $20,000.

“We went ahead and started the project because of the amount of funds we had acquired,” Hathaway said.

Design work on the project was donated by former Crawfordsville resident Jeff Arvin, owner of Cascade Joinery in Bellingham, Wash. Arvin’s company designs and builds timber frame structures.

“He has already donated a lot of his time towards the project,” Hathaway said.

Monumental Stone Works in New Market has also been extremely helpful with concepts for the project.

Hathaway said one of the groups that looks to get the most use out of the pavilion is the children’s department.

“We have done several events in the parking lot before, which isn’t the safest option,” he said.

The library provided 272 children’s programs in 2010, which were attended by 5,187 youngsters; and 38 adult programs, which were attended by 424 people.

Hathaway said the library has been focused on providing more adult programing this year.

Anyone wishing to donate to the project can do so by dropping off donations at the library.

All donors will be recognized when the project is complete.

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