Montgomery County and Crawfordsville city officials will use a professional marketing firm to help with branding of the community to attract developers and new residents.

“In the end I think we’re going to come away with some valuable strategies and materials to really go out and sell this community,” Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton said. “There’s so much to offer here, but how do you tell that story? That’s what we’re trying to work through.”

The one-year agreement was approved last week by county commissioners and the Crawfordsville Board of Public Works & Safety. The agreement is for $40,000 with the city and county paying $20,000 each. Pivot Marketing will provide marketing consulting, branding and resident recruitment plan services.

The objective is to create a boost in population and economic development.

“Today you have to have the people first,” Barton said. “Before, you got the jobs and the people followed. Now it’s the opposite. You have to have the people and then the jobs follow. The goal here is a really modest 10-15 percent growth to the size of our community. That’s what I’m seeing we’re going to need just to meet the demand of our current employers.”

As part of the agreement, Pivot Marketing will develop branding strategies and a resident recruitment marketing plan.

“One thing we know we have to do in order to increase revenue in this community is grow our tax base,” Commissioners President Jim Fulwider said. “The only way we’re going to do that is by bringing in people who are going to move to our community and live in our community. (Pivot Marketing) is going to help with that.”  

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James Hellwig

Doesn't the city have a local marketing agency? Is Pivot, based in Indianapolis much better? Was there a bid for this? Good article.

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