Inspire, Banjo Work For Clean Water

Inspire received the opportunity to make an impact on other nations by helping to put together water purification systems with Fountains of Hope International and Banjo. 

On Sept. 5, a crew of 11 Inspire members and 13 volunteers from Banjo gathered to learn about the systems and how the pieces they assemble will impact others. The group learned that young children in villages in Haiti, India and parts of Africa travel many miles each day to bring home water. These young children, usually young girls, do not get to attend school, because their responsibility is to meet this need for their family. They also learned that they water brought home may be unsafe, contaminated by a variety of things, but it is all they have to survive on. 

Bill Farrar, founder and executive director of Fountains of Hope, explained how these purification systems can change the lives for people in a village, school or orphanage where one of these systems has been installed. The entire group then gathered around and worked together to assemble sections of systems that Farrar will be taking to foreign areas around the world. 

“Seeing the girls work together, and the pride in getting the sections assembled was really neat,” said Sara Clapp, Inspire program co-coordinator. “It is really amazing that these girls from rural Indiana will have an impact in areas around the world. Inspire would like to thank Banjo for their commitment to Inspire and helping to bring this opportunity to the group, as well as for their commitment in supporting Fountains of Hope. We would also like to thank Bill Farrar, for joining us at the meeting and allowing us to have even a small part in his organization.” 

To learn more about Fountains of Hope, visit online at to learn more about Inspire and the Youth Service Bureau, visit online at

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