New Ross will have a whole new town council next year. Its members were determined Tuesday during a Montgomery County Republican Party convention to vote on a list of five GOP candidates who filed for a seat on the council. 

A convention was needed because five Republicans filed for a three-member council. Those in attendance could vote for up to three candidates. The top vote-getters sealed a town council position because they are unopposed in the upcoming general election. 

Of the 177 registered voters in New Ross, 38 showed up for Tuesday’s convention.

Jason Haltom received 31 votes, Sherry Whetstone had 25 votes and Lowell (Russ) Rogers received 20 votes. 

Only one current New Ross town council member filed for re-election. Michael (Mike) Myers previously won as an Independent, but ran as a Republican this time. Chet Remley and Josh Rusk, both Independents, did not file for re-election. 

New Ross was the second town required to hold a convention before the general election in November. 

Darlington tripped a list of six Republican candidates down to five at a convention Monday. 

Incumbents Kimberly (Kim) Carpenter and Ron Hatley along with newcomers Nicholas (Nick) Riddell, Nicole Parker and Noelle Suiter will run against incumbents Marilyn Cohee and Teresa Sutherlin, who are Independents.

The only other contested races in November are for seats on the Crawfordsville Common Council. Adam Hutchison, a Libertarian, is running for one of two at-large seats against Republican Andy Biddle and Democrat Mike Reidy. Ethan Hollander, an Independent, is running against Scott Molin for the Ward 2 seat, and Democrat Joyce Burnette is running against Republican Stan Hamilton in Ward 5.

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