Cottrells Garden

Dale and Judy Cottrell, who live in a condominium, have made the most of their outdoor garden space.

Living in a condominium, gardening can be limited. But walking around the home of Judy and Dale Cottrell, you can see they have made the most of the area by enhancing their condo with a variety of perennial and annual plants.

The front of the home is adorned by hydrangeas, lilies, bee balm, shasta daisies, providing continual blooms through the summer and fall. Container of annuals of geraniums, mums and marigolds, gifts from their grandchildren, add explosions of reds and oranges to complete their entryway.

As you walk around the side of the condo, admire the hostas, salvia, shasta daisies, black eyed Susan and a gorgeous stonecrop plant that blooms tiny orange flowers attracting butterflies.

As you continue to the back of the house, a deck provides a view of the pond with a water fountain. Adding to this relaxing backdrop is another garden featuring red roses, trellising mandevillas and lilies.

Though limited in space, the Cottrells have created their own colorful paradise while attracting butterflies and bees. This garden, one of the several on the 2019 Art and Garden tour, will feature a gift certificate drawing.

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