Northridge Middle School will become North Montgomery Middle School at the start of the 2020-21 school year.

The North Montgomery School Board of Trustees approved the name change at its meeting Monday.

“It’s an opportunity to market ourselves as North Montgomery in a way that we have a regular presence within our school community,” Moran said.

It comes at a good time with the current renovation projects throughout the school district, including at the middle school. The remodeling includes changing all signage at the school and a new gymnasium floor.

“We talked about this several years ago about possible changing the name of Northridge Middle School to North Montgomery Middle School so that people would know where we were,” Superintendent Dr. Colleen Moran said. “I don’t think the students realize that because most of them have been at North Montgomery their whole lives so it’s only been Northridge to them. But as someone shared, they were at Seeger recently and they didn’t even know where Northridge was.”

A survey conducted by Northridge Middle School resulted in 77.2 percent of people in favor of the name change to North Montgomery Middle School. Online results from a survey on the North Montgomery website resulted in 90.4 percent were in favor of the change and only 9.6 were not in favor of the name change.

The change also benefits parents who have to purchase all new apparel for children when they make the move from the middle school to the high school. The middle school’s blue and silver colors and Cougar mascot will change to be the same as the high school’s blue and orange colors with the Chargers mascot.

“I feel pretty strong that it’s the right thing to do and the right time to do it,” Moran said. 

The school board first considered changing the name in 2002, but decided not to change the name due to the cost involved. The discussion has continued throughout the years, but the school board considered it again beginning in January.

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