Hoosier Heartland State Bank recently conducted its Fourth annual Shared Values Awards, an event honoring our community non-profit organizations. The event was designed to highlight local non-profits and help them gain exposure as well as much needed funds. During the dinner, many employee-owners were also recognized for their outstanding commitment to HHSB’s mission, vision and values. Thirteen area non-profit organizations were awarded a total of $36,500.    

“This event is a great way to get the entire community involved in making some great things happen for our local non-profits,” said Brad Monts of HHSB. “This is one of my favorite events because so many people are helped through these great organizations.”

The breakdown of winners is as follows: 

Mission Award: $5,000 – Danielle Kinkead, Family Crisis Shelter

Vision Award: $5,000 – Nicole Morrison, Journey of Hope

Values Award: $5,000 – Sandy Webb, Rosie’s Cupboard

Shared Values awards winner, nominated by the public, and chosen by HHSB based on information provided by the nominees: $5,000 – Women’s Resource Center

In addition, there were runners up for each category. They were:

Mission Award first runner-up ($2,500) – Elizabeth Stokes, Mountie Mission

Mission Award secondn runner-up ($1,000) – Adam Nagele, Crawfordsville Adult Resource Academy

Vision Award first runner-up ($2,500) – Sheri Thompson, Youth Service Bureau

Vision Award second runner-up ($1,000) – Marj Froedge, Achaius Ranch

Values Award first runner-up ($2,500) – Nikki Keller, Rock Point Church

Values Award second runner-up ($1,000) – Rachel Zachary, Montgomery County Leadership Academy

Shared Values first runner-up ($3,000) – Grace and Mercy Food Panty

Shared Values second runner-up ($2,000) – Humans United for Equality

Shared Values third runner-up ($1,000) – Disabled American Veterans

HHSB is a locally owned and operated Montgomery County bank.

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