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Youth troupe members are, from left, front row, Isabella de-Assis-Wilson and Sara Adams; and back row, Liberty Owens, Austin Coon (standing) and Cameron Tyo. They are rehearsing in Fusion 54 before performing this original project at the Vanity this Friday and Saturday prior to taking it to the Indy Fringe Festival later this month. Tickets are available at the door or online at

The Sugar Creek Players Youth Troupe will perform its new show, “Class Dismissed: Figuring Out What the Heck We’re Gonna Do With Our Lives,” at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday at the historic Vanity Theater. This is a special preview for local audiences to see the show before it heads to the 2019 IndyFringe Festival. This will be the troupe’s second show they’ve created to perform at the IndyFringe.

The show follows four high schoolers from different socioeconomic situations as they navigate the challenge of applying for colleges and their zealous teacher who is only about college. The show deals with some real world situations attempting to convey the different perspectives of individuals who apply for college. However, unlike last year, the students wanted to make this show a comedy.

“They went to the Fringe last year and were really inspired by all the comedy they saw,” said Zachary Anderson, co-facilitator. “They really wanted to make a show that still addressed a community issue while also being rooted in comedy from start to finish.”

Austin Coon, Liberty Owens, Cameron Tyo, Isabella de Assis-Wilson and Sara Adams star and wrote the show. Terran McCarty and Evan Baldwin also helped write the show while Liberty Owens served as student director. The program is co-facilitated by Evelyn Kaelin and Anderson. 

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased online at or upon arrival. 

The show contains some mature content and language. Parent/guardian guidance is advised.

For more information about their IndyFringe showtimes and ticket costs please visit this link:

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