Joshua S. Brown appeared in a Montgomery County courtroom Friday for the first time since he was shot during an encounter with police more than two months ago.

Brown is the Crawfordsville man involved in a police-action shooting after allegedly pointing an AR-15 at officers May 30 in a Banjo Corp. parking lot east of Crawfordsville.

His injuries from being struck in the face were obvious during an initial hearing Friday in Montgomery Superior Court I. The 41-year-old faces Level 6 felony charges of resisting law enforcement, pointing a firearm and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, specifically pointing and waving “a loaded assault rifle in the direction of law enforcement and in the direction of an occupied factory,” according to charging information.

Brown often spoke slowly to articulate certain words while responding to Judge Heather Barajas’ questions. Even his “yes ma’am” answers revealed speech complications from being shot in the face. Scars are also visible on Brown’s left cheek and on his neck just below the jaw. Court records show that he sustained multiple facial fractures, an open neck wound, tongue injury, broken tooth and blood loss.

In May, police say, Brown identified himself using another name and then drove away during a traffic stop, leading officers on a brief pursuit that ended in the parking lot at Banjo. He was wanted in Boone County for probation violation in a 2017 case.

A preliminary plea of not-guilty was entered on Brown’s behalf Friday for the most recent charges again him. A jury trial is scheduled for Nov. 12. If convicted, he faces six months to 2 1/2 years in prison for each count along with a maximum fine of $10,000. 

Brown has already hired an attorney who got an arrest warrant for Brown recalled last month due to the extent of his injuries. In a July 2 motion, attorney Tom F. Hirschauer III said that Brown was required to undergo additional surgery along with speech and physical therapy. He also remained on a pureed diet until cleared by a plastic surgeon.

Brown told Barajas that he was being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder, though it wasn’t listed as a diagnosis in court documents filed in July. And he didn’t indicate if his alleged PTSD is connected to the May encounter.

Before the shooting, Brown stuck an AR-15 out of a vehicle window and pointed it at an Indiana State Trooper, according to a probable cause affidavit. Police say he failed to comply with repeated orders to “throw out the firearm” and remained in the vehicle with the “assault style weapon for some time” before things escalated. Brown was taken to St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis, where he remained until June 25. 

Brown made a court appearance in Boone County last month on an initial hearing for a petition to revoke probation. The petition was filed and an arrest warrant was issued in January, about a month after Brown was given more than two years probation as part of a plea agreement for drug and theft charges. He received credit for time served in a separate case for carrying a handgun without a license. 

A probation violation hearing is scheduled for Aug. 27 in Boone Superior Court I.

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