'Desperate Ambrose'

Clay Teague and Andrew Styles act out a scene from "Desperate Ambrose." The New Ross Players will perform the play 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at the New Ross Fire Station. The play is free to attend, and goodwill donations will be accepted.

The New Ross Players are promising a weekend of laughter, memories and community service as they perform “Desperate Ambrose” at the New Ross Fire Station.

The play is a Western comedy taking place in the 1880s. Two friends travel West from the East Coast and are mistaken for heroic cowboys. They embrace their false identities for glory and romance but run into trouble as the plot thickens.

“People can expect a lot of laughter,” said Terry Feltner, who plays Panhandle Jake. “We all have parts that suit us so well, our lines are easy to memorize. It’s almost like we are playing ourselves.”

Clay Teague will star as the play’s main character, Ambrose Groves. He has performed with the players for three years, but “Desperate Ambrose” will cast him in a different light.

“I’ve always played small parts. Now I have the lead part,” Teague said. “I’m just trying to make everyone laugh when I’m up there, and I have many opportunities to do that.”

The New Ross High School Class of 1964 performed the play 50 years ago. That was a significant factor in the nonprofit organization’s decision to perform the play.

“The play ties us to something New Ross has done before,” Director Beth Binch said. “It’s nostalgic. The school is no longer here, but the people and history are.”

The weekend performances also will give the players an opportunity to test the lighting equipment they recently purchased through a grant from the Montgomery County Community Foundation.

In addition to providing entertainment, the nonprofit organization is serving the community in a more significant way. It is raising funds for several charity organizations.

Last year, the players raised money for the Leland Cornett Memorial Park, Blue Star Mothers and the Walnut Township Angel Tree. It also helped New Ross purchase new flags for its downtown.

The play will start at 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at the New Ross Fire Station. It is free, but tickets can be picked up at Farmers State Bank in New Ross and the New Ross Steakhouse. Those interested in getting tickets also can contact cast members or Binch by phone at 366-7482.

“All the money we raise will come from goodwill donations at the door,” Binch said. “Nobody should stay away if they can’t get a ticket. We want everyone to come out and enjoy the show.”

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