Construction ahead

State Road 32 will close on or after July 22 for work on the bridge over Walnut Fork Creek east of Crawfordsville. It is expected to reopen by mid-November.


The Indiana Department of Transportation is gearing up for another project that will close a heavily-traveled road east of Crawfordsville.

State Road 32 East will close for nearly four months beginning on or after July 22 for bridge work over Walnut Fork Creek.

Debbie Calder, communications director for INDOT’s Crawfordsville District, said the bridge over Walnut Fork Creek is a single-span steel pony truss bridge built in 1940. 

“The project will include the replacement of the bridge deck, approach slabs and both bridge joints,” she said. “New deck drains will be installed along with new railing. Bracing and truss members will be replaced in kind as needed and the entire bridge will be cleaned and painted to help preserve the bridge.” 

The project is expected to be completed and S.R. 32 reopened Nov. 16.

During that time C.R. 425E between Smartsburg at S.R. 32 and Garfield at S.R. 47 will be used as the unofficial local detour. Nucor Road to U.S. 136 will also be used as a detour.

Last month, Montgomery County Commissioners approved a letter of understanding between the county and INDOT for the unofficial local detour, which includes INDOT reimbursing the county for the cost related to damage repairs on C.R. 425E.

“They will reimburse the county for any damages to that road,” county engineer Jim Peck said. “My biggest concern is that trucks are going to be using Overcoat Road so I suggest we put in barricades on both sides and just say local traffic only to prevent semis from using this.”

Overcoat Road connects C.R. 425E and S.R. 47 south of Interstate 74. Peck said that in the past larger trucks, such as semi-trucks, using the road have gone off the roadway and required assistance to get pulled out. The road would remain open to smaller vehicles and local traffic, but the barricades would be positioned in a way to stop semi-trucks.

Commissioners will consider restrictions for Overcoat Road at their July 22 meeting.

A separate project that has closed S.R. 32 west of Crawfordsville is on schedule to reopen Aug. 16. The stretch of S.R. 32 between S.R. 32 and North C.R. 400W closed the spring for a bridge rehabilitation project over Sugar Creek at Yountsville.

Both bridge projects on S.R. 32 were awarded to ICC Group Inc. for $3.26 million.

Calder added that two projects that have S.R. 234 closed between U.S. 231 and S.R. 47 are behind schedule due to excessive rain. That project, which was originally scheduled to close C.R. 234 until Sept. 2, consists of the replacement of the existing bridge structures over J&A Ditch and Lost Creek. Both are expected to be completed by early November.

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