Canvas Learning training

Some of the NCP staff members who attended Canvas Learning training are first row on left, Jenny Benjamin, Patricia Saylor, Gene Brown and Samantha Woodard; second row, Amy Lishin, Debbie Brading, Lainey McCrory, Ashley McAmis, Amy Harpold, Mark Harper and LeaAnna Mullins; third row, Jennifer Simpson, Erica Crane, Lindsay Hathaway, Stephanie Foxworthy, Faith York, Becky Loudermilk, Susan Seitz, Kerry Ferguson and Scott Schulz; and fourth row, Mindy Earley, Haley Roach, Whitney Anderson, Stacey Bettis, Beth Faust and Lisa Wrightsman.

For the 2019-20 school year, North Central Parke Schools will begin implementing e-Learning as a part of their curriculum. The concept of e-Learning days is to allow students to complete their assignments outside the classroom using their electronic devices. This process can be especially helpful to the schools when the weather prohibits students from attending for a normal school day as well as providing the opportunity of using this as a means for professional development for staff and teachers. 

The school staff will be incorporating the Canvas Learning program into their classrooms. Canvas is a learning management learning system. During the summer, staff members were trained on how to set up assignments, grade assignments and to provide help to students and parents.

“The goal of the Canvas program is to have a consistent format for grades three to 12,” said Jana Crites, NCP technology director. “We want grandmas who are helping grandchildren who may be in third, sixth and eighth grades to see the same process on each child’s screen.”

To help the students learn the process, two mock e-Learning days are being planned for the first semester. These days will be held in the classroom. Students will use their ChromeBooks to assess assignments and to receive guidance on the steps needed to complete them. 

Students in kindergarten through second grade will be given paper packets with assignments to complete. For announced e-Learning days, students in grades three through five will be allowed to take ChromeBooks home to complete the assignments. For those students who do not have home internet access, they will have two days to complete the assignments.

On e-Learning days, assignments must be posted by 9 a.m. Also, teachers will have office hours from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. During that time, students and parents will be able to get help while working on the assignments.

For planned e-Learning days, students without home internet access are encouraged to plan ahead to locate a public Wi-fi source. These sources might be at a neighbor’s or friend’s house or the Parke County Public Library.

For more information on e-Learning days, go to the NCP website at This link provides general information, terminology used and provides answers to frequently asked questions.

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