HHSB Bank Award

Brad Monts, HHSB president, poses with an armful of awards. 

Hoosier Heartland State Bank was just named one of the top extraordinary banks in the United States by The Institute for Extraordinary Banking.

HHSB was recognized with the Institute’s BanksGiving Banky Award for Extraordinary Philanthropy in recognition of their commitment to the strategic direction of their communities and to making profound impacts within the communities they serve.

“We are honored to receive the Banky Award for the Most Giving Bank in the country,” said Brad Monts, HHSB president. “Our mission at HHSB is to give back 10% of our annual net income to our local community. Our team works hard to make a positive impact, and it’s an honor to be recognized for it.”

Since adopting their mission five years ago, HHSB is nearing a record $1 million given back to the communities they serve. One event that sets them apart is their annual Shared Values banquet, where local non-profits are awarded for their compassion and dedication to changing lives. HHSB gave back $36,500 to non-profit organizations at last year’s event.

The Extraordinary Banking Awards highlight vital, yet often overlooked, role that local community banks play in our economy. Without a vibrant local banking industry, our small businesses and families often lack the have-your-back support of a true community bank that makes communities really thrive.

The Extraordinary Banking Awards recognize the best of what community banks offer to our cities, towns and nation: a true commitment to the success of the small businesses and local communities they serve.

Roxanne Emmerich, chair and founder of The Institute for Extraordinary Banking, proclaimed during the awards ceremony, “Community banks are the backbone of America: They are what keeps a community thriving. When a community bank leaves a community, small businesses often struggle to stay, and jobs leave. Every robust community has a strong community bank that understands how to help that community thrive and grow.”

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