Syncing with the Community

Metronet Employee Steve Snyder checks an optical network terminal Friday at a residence receiving a conversion to Metronet's services. Former Accelplus customers are advised to contact Metronet to schedule a conversion time.

Since the beginning of July Metronet has actively transitioned former Accelplus customers to its services. The company estimates it will transfer all its residential customers in the next six months.

To make the process more efficient, Metronet has communicated with its new customers. It will send a letter giving a 30-day notice and visit the residence 48 hours before a transition. However, the company needs its customers to schedule times for a transition.

“Metronet employees need to go inside homes to make the conversion,” Metronet representative Vince Butler said. “Customers can confirm a time online or by calling the phone number provided in the letter.”

Someone aged 18 years or older needs to be at the residence during a conversion.

Metronet invested $2 million in equipment and fibernet upgrades during its first 90 days in Crawfordsville. It is converting about 20 residential customers per day. It also is matching customers with packages similar to Accelplus.

“We are trying to make it as convenient and seamless as possible,” Butler said. “It is a pretty quick and easy process that takes about an hour or two to complete.”

Customers have been satisfied with the services thus far. Jeff McCloud recently made the transition and praised the company’s service.

“After installation, I ran a speed test and found that the download and upload speed matched their advertised speeds,” McCloud said. “The installer was on-time, gave me a timely completion and was very professional.”

Former Accelplus employee Steve Snyder, who now works for Metronet, also noticed a difference in television quality.

“This is as close to Blu-ray as you can get without it being Blu-ray,” Snyder said. “We thought Crawfordsville had the best before, but this is even better.”

In addition to TV and internet, Metronet offers fiber phone services.

Fibernet has unlimited bandwidth, which enables households to have several mobile devices synced to the internet without a loss of internet speed. An internet usage projection indicates that by 2016 each person in the United States will have an average of three mobile devices connected to the internet.

Considering those statistics, fibernet has become an economic development asset. Only 18 percent of Untied States homes have access to fibernet.

“Fibernet is a real differential for a community in terms of bringing in businesses and jobs,” Butler said. “Metronet goes to rural communities and invests in their futures. We look forward to being a part of the Crawfordsville community for a long time.”

Metronet is temporarily located inside Crawfordsville Electric Light and Power. For more information on services or to arrange an appointment, call 765-307-2000 visit

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