Steeles garden

The Steeles garden is a visual treat.

Attendees to the Flower Lovers 15th Bi-annual Garden/Art tour are in for a visual treat as they walk through the Steele garden located on west Main Street in Crawfordsville on June 23.

The front area pulls you in off the street to a wonderful porch set up for evening relaxation. The geraniums and other plantings enhance the welcoming color scheme.

The Steeles have been gardening at this location for the past 20 years and a lot of inspiration has come from their love of nature as well guidance from Darlisa’s mother, and avid gardener herself.

The experiences of the “trial and error” method … to move on if something isn’t working in the garden, has paid off. Their fondness of natural settings is evident in the placement of trees and butterfly bushes that welcome the wildlife and the successive plantings keep this garden in continuous color as seasons melt from one into another.

A unique border of antique bricks line the flower beds in the back and make up the patio areas that give the spaces a place to reflect and enjoy this labor of love. Trellised areas are supported by colorful clematis and companion plantings and give shade to the sunny spots.

Any weeding needed is a snap using a revered and favorite garden fork.

The view from the back corner of the yard is a great place to get away without going away.

As one leaves this lively and lovely garden through the side gate, inspiration abounds. You will be glad that you stopped by.

An additional feature at this garden stop will be Daryl Hutson, a metal sculptor. He will have different metal pieces of garden art available for purchase.

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