Drivers who use West Wabash Avenue need to be aware that the westbound lane may be closed for a time today.

Crawfordsville Street Commissioner Scott Hesler told members of the Crawfordsville Board of Works and Public Safety during its Wednesday morning meeting that the road needs to be closed near West Street because of a sinkhole.

“We can’t really figure it out, so we are going to have to tear up the street and see what we have,” Hesler said. “We hope it’s something that we can just put some fill in and then patch the road right back up and be in and out of there in a few hours. Unfortunately, you never really know what you are looking at until you open it up.”

Work is scheduled to begin at 7:30 a.m.

The board also approved a request from Joey Gerold, representing PRIDE, to have its annual Family Fun Day 2-11 p.m. Sept. 15 in the 100 block of East Main Street. Gerold requested that East Main Street be closed from Green Street to Washington Street for the fourth annual event.

“The first part of the day will be geared toward families and younger kids and families,” he said. “Later, we will be geared towards teens.”

The board approved the request 3-0.

Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton opened one bid for a new 2012 four wheel drive front-end loader for the street department. The lone bid came in from McDonald Machinery of Lafayette for $111,900. The bid was taken under advisement until Hesler had time to review it.

City Attorney Kent Minnette asked the board to approve a warranty deed for the Crawfordsville Redevelopment Authority for the lots 4 and 6 at the Crawfordsville Commerce Park.

“We need to sign this over to the Redevelopment Authority so they actually own the property that the Ivy Tech Project is being built on so they can enter into a lease with Ivy Tech,” he said. “You can’t enter into a lease agreement on property you don’t own.”

Once again, Minnette reminded board members the reason this is being handled this way is so the debt for the project will not be used against the City of Crawfordsville’s debt limit.

Finally, the board gave Larry Kadinger and the Waste Water Department the authority to pay four residents who have been paying for city sewage without having been hooked into the sewer system.

“In the process of switching over the billing and doing it in-house we found four customers who have been paying for sewer services for the past three of four years who are not hooked onto the city sewer system,” Kadinger said.

The total amount owed to these residents was $3,708.90. The largest refund will be for Trinity Mission.

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