The ladies auxiliary of the Byron Cox American Legion Post #72 announce nine delegates were chosen to represent Montgomery County and attend the 77th annual session of Hoosier Girls State, which was held June 24-30 on the campus of Trine University, Angola.

These students joined approximately 500 other young women for this government program, which began in 1937, and is guided by American Legion Auxiliary members. It is an in-action learning program to educate the leaders of tomorrow in duties, privileges, rights and responsibilities of citizenship. This session of government and practical politics is non-partisan and non-political.

Citizens began their week-long adventure by registering to vote, where they received an assignment to a mythical political party, which at registration time had no political organization or party beliefs/platforms. Those were established by the delegates within three days into the session.

Delegates also filed for an elected office on the city, county or state level. She then conducted her political campaign complete with speeches and campaign materials. Once elected to office, delegates were sworn in and performed the duties as described for that position. Non-elected delegates were given appointments as well as encouraged to visit the offices of those elected to communicate their needs as citizens.

The following delegated, who just completed their junior year, attended:

From North Montgomery High School

• Katie Lewis, daughter of Barry and Sherry Lewis, Waynetown, ran for mayor.

• Madison Altman, daughter of Bob and Laura Altman, ran for governor and was elected deputy clerk and city precinct committeeman.

• Arianna Wright, daughter of Debra Wright of Linden and Danny Wright, was elected senator.

• Sammi Karle, daughter of Eric and Missi Karle of Crawfordsville, was elected county chairman and county coroner.

From Southmont High School

• Lilly Ward, duaghter of James and Lori Ward of Crawfordsville, was elected county prosecuting attorney.

From Crawfordsville High School

• Emmy Hale, daughter of Marcus and Angela Hale of Crawfordsville, was elected representative.

• Andraya Fuller, daughter of Andrew and Colleen Fuller of Linden, was elected representative.

• Trinity Kunkel, daughter of Leah Kunkel of Crawfordsville, ran for mayor and was elected platform committeeman.

• Cami McGrady, daughter of Gary and Tina McGrady, was elected to the city council.

Organizers are thankful for all the local donors that make it possible for these students from the area to attend this week of patriotism and citizenship at Hoosier Girls State.

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