Kent Priebe’s name will now be on the ballot in November as the Montgomery County Republican Party’s candidate for a seat on the Crawfordsville Common Council.

Priebe was elected at a Republican Party caucus Thursday to replace Dan Guard as the party’s candidate for Ward 3 in the upcoming general election. 

Guard resigned from city council in April after he was selected in a caucus to fill the open Montgomery County Commissioner position following Phil Bane’s retirement after 14 years. Guard’s move to the board of commissioners left an open seat for his remaining term on city council and on the ballot this Fall.

Priebe saw it as an opportunity to get more involved.

“I’ve always felt like it’s important for people to try to be involved in the community and the city,” he said. “It really is important and I know it’s hard to get candidates. Now I have the time to do it — to help out and do what I need to do to be a part of the city and hopefully contribute something.”

Priebe has more time to dedicate to local politics now. He retired in February 2018 after 34 years as the owner of Powers-Priebe Funeral Home  

If Priebe would win the November election or run unopposed, his term would begin Jan. 1. Guard was unopposed in the May primary. The deadline for a candidate to file as an Independent is July 1. 

“I think of myself as a conservative, practical moderate,” Priebe said. “I’m not a person who thinks the government has to be involved in everything, but I know they have to be involved in many things. I try to be honest and up-front, and I try to be concerned about people’s issues if they have any.”

Pete Utterback is serving the final six months of Guard’s city council term. Utterback was chosen at a caucus last month.

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