Ericka Woods, an award-winning calligrapher and native of Vienna, Austria, is one of the featured artists at the Mary Bishop Gallery inside the Crawfordsville District Public Library this month.

Diane Hammill, curator of the gallery, said she has been working with Woods for a number of years to get her work featured in the gallery.

Hammill, who also enjoys calligraphy, met Woods several years ago in Indianapolis at a calligraphy group. Hammill was once a calligrapher for the Minnesota governor.

“I wanted to bring her work here because people aren’t used to seeing calligraphy,” Hammill said. “It is wonderful to have artists in the gallery from other countries.”

Woods has 20 pieces on display including several greeting cards written in calligraphy.

 She mixes calligraphy with painting and other art forms in her creations. Each piece has a different saying or poem on it reflecting her feelings at that moment.

One of the pieces painted with vivid reds, oranges and pinks is titled “Aspects of Love.” The piece features a poem from Oscar Wilde penned in calligraphy on a linen paper heart.

Woods currently resides in Carmel. She is a graduate of the Vienna Institute of Fashion Design. She is a faculty member of the Indianapolis Art Center, and an active freelance calligraphy teacher in the Indianapolis area. She is an expert in the art of doing traditional calligraphic projects: mission statements, resolutions, certificates, murals, wedding invitations and countless other personal requests.

The messages she translates with her artwork is one of social justice and the human condition. She recently created a series of pieces from Shinoda Bolen’s book “Urgent Message from Mother.” The pieces are on display in the gallery.

Her work is joined by a unique collection of crèches from Nancy Hardy of Crawfordsville. Hardy has been collecting crèches for a number of years. While traveling the world she has had the opportunity to buy a number of unusual pieces.

Hardy moved to Crawfordsville in 2006.

Several people have commented on Hardy’s collection since it went on display Wednesday.

The display will be at the gallery through December.

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