The human remains found in July in a rural area of Montgomery County were officially identified as the Crawfordsville man who went missing in June. 

Crawfordsville Police Department Detective Bob Rivers said DNA results showed the remains were those belonging to James “Jimmy” Popp. 

The 41-year-old was reported missing to the Crawfordsville Police Department on June 13. Family members said they last had contact with him on the morning of June 7.

“It is believed that he’s been out there since the day he went missing,” Rivers said. “But there’s no real way to tell. All we could tell was that he had definitely been out there for a substantial amount of time.” 

Family members told police they believed he was headed to Indianapolis when they last saw him in June, yet family and friends never had contact with him again after that point. 

Popp’s remains were discovered July 18 off a county road in a rural area southwest of Crawfordsville. Family was notified last week after Rivers learned the results of DNA analysis.

Rivers said Popp’s cause of death is undetermined at this time, but investigators aren’t ruling out foul play.

“There’s so many questions about when he went missing, where he actually went and who he had been with,” Rivers said. “Initially, we had a lot of people giving contradictory information about where he was and who he was with.”

Police are still asking for help from anyone with information related to Popp’s death. 

“The next step is we’re continuing to ask the public for help,” Rivers said. “We’re asking anybody that knows anything, if they saw him or dealt with him, to come forward and speak with us about it. We are following any and all leads.” 

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