Blue Marketing has been awarded a GSA schedule contract and is now a preferred government vendor for several marketing related services including graphic design, website design and development, public relations and media buying.

“The award means that we can apply for any government project related to the specific marketing services we selected in our application as a preferred vendor and not have to go through the lengthy application process with each submission,” said Amy Williamson, owner of Blue Marketing. “We have gone through vetting and are pre-approved for these specific services, which expedites our bidding. The process to become a vendor was daunting and there is still plenty to do, but this was a huge step forward in the process and I am very excited about the opportunities this will provide for our company.”

The award process took just over three years to complete and the work is not done yet. Continual management of the contract is required to ensure compliance. This is a commitment.

“I was clearly committed to achieving the award,” Williamson said. “It was a lot like having another full-time job collecting all the data and info needed to apply. It will be well worth the effort. It’s an exciting opportunity and the growth potential is significant.”

Blue Marketing is a 22-year-old, full-service marketing and advertising agency serving a wide variety of businesses and organizations. Blue Marketing offers inbound and outbound marketing solutions, creative campaigns, copy writing and editing, marketing collateral, strategic planning, website design, direct marketing campaigns, graphic design, traditional and social media planning and placement, video production, podcasts and more.

For more information, contact Williamson at 765-361-8844 or

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