Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who helping me celebrate my 90th birthday surprise celebration. It was a great time and I really appreciate all the effort for it.

The barbecue, finger good, relish plate, cheese balls, pasta, plus a large cake were all tasty.

Also, thanks for the cards and the surprises in them. All appreciated.

Also, thanks to my children and families for the party.

Mary A. Walters

• • •

This is a long story, but has a happy ending, and I feel the need to thank a few people for saving my life. A few years ago a local contractor took down my fireplace chimney and sealed it up because it was leaking, which was a good thing. A year or two later I put a water heater in my house. For the past for five years I’ve been having headaches, had heartburn all the time, was weak and sick a lot, couldn’t drink alcoholic beverages without getting sick. I just wasn’t myself and it was awful. 

Around October my headaches started getting worse and they were continuous. I ended up going to neurologist and having all sorts of tests done, going to doctors prescribing medicines, but nothing was working. The pain would not go away no matter what I did. Then my friend Kim told me to get my house checked for gas leaks. I did not have a gas leak, but Cook’s Heating and Air found that my house has been filling up with carbon monoxide because the contractor put the exhaust from the water heater into the chimney that he closed off the year before. 

And thank you to my friend Bill for rerouting the exhaust outside of the house. I no longer have heartburn and I can enjoy more than one alcoholic beverage, and most importantly my headaches have gone away. We are pretty sure I was slowly dying from carbon monoxide poisoning. 

I would like to thank my friend Kim, Cook’s and my friend Bill for saving my life and helping me get back to normal. I don’t know how I can ever show the appreciation and love that I have for you.

Amy Spencer

• • •

To all the people who attended Jan’s service, sent cards, donated to the children’s ministry or otherwise expressed condolences, thank you.

Bradley Thompson

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