The Montgomery County Retired Teachers Association met June 10 at the Crawfordsville District Public Library. Forty-two members were in attendance. The meeting was called to order by president Stan Covey at noon. Covey recognized the June, July and August birthdays and he also gave the invocation. A delicious lunch was served by Allen’s County Kitchen.

The program was the Teacher Memorial Service, honoring educators who had died this past year. Sue Mullendore led the service which honored; Curt Castelluccio, Glenn Knecht, Randy Quimby, Pat Hearson and Marcia Straw. Each teacher was recognized with memories from those in attendance who had worked with or known the them. At the conclusion a bell was rung in honor of their passing and Carol Holman offered a commemorative song in her school marm attire. 

Secretary’s report and treasurer’s report were approved as read.

Membership — Marilyn Spear reported that dues were now being collected for the 2019-2020 year. The dues are $7.00 for members and $5.00 for associate members.

Legislative — No report 

Member Concern — Mary Lefebvre reported on cards sent and received.

Community Service Report — It was reported by Covey that Marge Hughes will not be able to continue the Community Service task next year.  Nancy Bowes has agreed to help whomever might want to take over this responsibility. Shelia Hodges offered to help with this important philanthropic cause. Money was collected for backpacks and school supplies.

New Business:

The new slate of officers for 2019-20 took their oath of office for the year. They are Marilyn Spear, president; Kim Nixon, vice president; Dixie Ruggles, secretary; and Larry Manlove, treasurer.

A thank you was read by Covey from Tom Mellish on behalf of money MCRTA donated to the IRTF Scholarship Fund.

A thank you was read from the Lew Wallace Study on behalf of the money donated for two children to attend Architecture Camp at the Lew this summer.

New officers attended the 54th General Assembly on Wednesday.

A thank you note was received from Judy McBride and Lou Rosen on behalf of the money donated to the Waynetown School Memorial.

Door prizes were distributed by vice president Karen Foxworthy. Covey thanked Lynn Robison and Carol Holman for the table decorations. There will not be a meeting in July or August. The next meeting will be Sept. 9. Watch for emails about the events planned. The meeting was adjourned at 1:36 p.m.

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