Thank you to all who helped make our 2019 Sugar Creek Township Neighborhood Gathering a success. We would like to thank all who donated to this event including Darlington Vet Clinic, Halderman Farm Services, Hoosier Heartland State Bank, Stookey’s Restaurant, Visible Changes Hair Salon and Woody Family Farms. We would also like to thank the Darlington Conservation Club for the use of the facility, Sarah Storms for creating the flier, John “Butch” Dale for gathering up and loaning old pictures from the Darlington Library, the Journal Review and The Paper of Montgomery County for printing the announcement of our event, and the local radio station for promoting it. We appreciate everyone who attended, and anyone who helped in any way. Thanks again!

Gayle and Deb Lough

Mike and Peggy Whitacre

Chuck Anderson

John Gable

• • •

Since 1974 I have lived in New York City and have worked as a professional singer, actor, pianist and voice teacher. I received valuable music teaching and mentoring from Louise Bruce, Karen Fruits and Joyce Fry. Today I want to remember Joyce. She has left such a special legacy.

My friend and colleague, Steve Moore also from Crawfordsville, and I gained so much from Joyce who was an artist and Christian in the true sense of the word.

I met Joyce in the early 1960s when I first sang in the First Baptist Church Choir with my dad, Fred Cunningham. Joyce was the choir director. She was a recent DePauw graduate and was an accomplished organist and singer. She had the gifts of teaching and inspiring all those who worked with her. Standards were always high with Joyce, but she had a hearty laugh and keen sense of humor. Her humor coupled with her many musical talents gave her such a unique place for all who worked with her. I studied organ with her briefly. I learned musical values from Joyce that have never left me. I have sung under the leadership of some of the greats — Leonard Bernstein, James Levine, Zubin Mehta — but it all started for me on those Thursday evening choir rehearsals with Joyce Moore Fry.

She maintained an interest and support of my career, and it was a joy for me in my early performing years to come back and sing with Joyce at First Baptist. She was a great colleague whether she was conducting or accompanying you. I feel so grateful to have known Joyce, to have learned from her, and to have been a recipient of her talent, generosity and loving spirit.

Jim Cunningham Fredericks

New York, NY

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