The Montgomery County chapter of Indiana Retired Teachers Association met September 9, 2019, in the Crawfordsville Public Library. Forty-five members were present. President Marilyn Spear called the meeting to order at noon leading the group in the pledge of allegiance. The invocation was given by Karen Thada. Allen’s Country Kitchen served a delicious meal. Karen Thada and Lillian Aldefer were thanked for the table decorations.

During lunch Amanda Browning discussed the Recovery Rec Center, a support system for those recovering from and struggling with addiction. The center promotes sobriety, community fellowship and growth for those in recovery. She outlined several of the opportunities for the local community to help the center. After lunch Kristi Craft, executive director of Pam’s Promise, discussed the housing offered to Montgomery County homeless men, women, and their children. It is not an emergency shelter; there is an application process and the transitional housing program offers many support services with the goal of helping clients become self-sufficient within three to six month.

Correspondence: President Spear read two letters of thanks from students who attended the Architecture Camp at the Lew this summer. Letty Calder had received a letter of thanks from Tina Martin for help with the back to school backpacks.

Committee Reports:

Audit: President Spear reported for Lynn Robison that the audit has been conducted.

Community service: Nancy Bowes reported that donations of personal items and monetary gifts for Pam’s Promise were collected at this meeting. She distributed papers for members to record hours of volunteer work during the year. She asked that you give her your totals by December. She emphasized that the state lobby teams use the total state teacher hours when they lobby legislators on teacher concerns. An estimate of $24.96 per hour is what the teachers are donating back to the state of Indiana. She asked the group to think about one particular community service project that would involve all of MCRTA. Tina Martin would welcome anyone who wants to replace her as back to school backpack organizer.

Foundation Grants: Kim Nixon said that the MCRTA endowment fund at the Montgomery County Community Foundation has $1000.00. The principal of this fund stays the same; the interest is used by the MCRTA. Nancy Bowes moved to use the $1000.00 grant money and donate $500 to the Recovery Rec Center and $500 to the Montgomery County Band. Karen Patton seconded the motion and it passed.

Member Concerns: Mary Lefebvre reported on cards sent.

Membership: Debbie Howard said there are now 139 members.

Old Business: President Spear thanked the new officers for attending the Representative Assembly this summer. She recognized Karen Thada, Bev Bannon, and Terry Lawrence for receiving certificates of recognition for community service at the assembly. MCRTA received a certificate of recognition for support of service organizations by giving materials and funds each month.

New Business: Handout were distributed from AMBA outlining health benefits offered to members of ISTA.

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be October l4 with Heidi Gobreski and Diane German in charge of table decorations. Sheila Hodges will give the invocation and the speaker will be Lori Curless from the Crawfordsville Airport. Donations will be for the operational expenses for the Free Clinic.


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