As more teens and young adults begin to use bath salts to get high, some states are banning them. Indiana Poison Control officials believe Indiana should ban them, too.

Bath salts are sold in many different stores, but it’s the salt that comes in a powder form that has doctors concerned. It’s a dangerous new way some people are getting high, but these bath salts aren’t made for the tub.

It’s a powder substance also known as Ivory Wave, Vanilla Sky and Blue Magic and it can be legally purchased in some gas stations and convenience stores.

“The active ingredient is something that is rather similar to methamphetamine, actually is methadrone or another drug called MDVP,” said Indiana Poison Center Medical Director Dr. Brent Furbee.

He said bath salts are the new craze and in even small doses, using it can be fatal.

“In very small doses people usually will tolerate them OK,” Furbee said. “I’m not saying it’s safe to do that, but we will see some people who only get flu like symptoms from a relatively a small dose.”

Last year, 292 cases of bath salts abuse were reported across the country to Poison Control Centers. This year already, 469 have been reported. In Indiana, the numbers also are up. Since January, cases have been reported in 27 Indiana counties, including Montgomery County, to Indiana Poison Control.

“Part of the reason is that in most places it’s still legal to buy it,” Furbee said. “People have died from trying this product and while we do not know all the effects, Bath Salts will drive people to do things they have never attempted before.”

Several states, including North Carolina, are considering banning bath salts.

“Bath Salts have a strong potential to cause big problems,” said Tim Bristol, outreach director for the Montgomery County AHEAD Coalition. “Already this week, parents have written messages on AHEAD’s website complaining that their teenagers have tried Bath Salts before or after school.”

To identify the product, watch out for salts that have methylenedioxypyrovalrone or MDVP.

Questions about these bath salts should be directed to the Indiana Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 or visit the Montgomery County AHEAD Coalition website at

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Thanks for sharing even more information on how are young people can get high! In the past you gave the ingredients for making meth. THE AHEAD COALITIONS new motto{teaching our young people how to get high, one article at a time}


Billy Bob,

Did you read the article? Using Bath Salts in many cases is fatal! Dateline NBC reported on Bath Salts this past Sunday night. Did you note that this news was released by the Indiana Poison Control Center? I would welcome your constructive comments on how Advocates Helping to Educate About Drugs could inform Montgomery County on the dangers posed by Bath Salts, K2/Spice, Marijuana and Prescription Drugs. 14 people died from prescription drug overdose in this county last year. So far five people have died from prescription drug overdose in 2011. There was only one illegal drug death in 2010 - from heroin. Our young people are getting high because of poor choices and bad information from peers. Prevention is the best bet! I'd invite you to address a high school class here in Montgomery County. Please enlighten me on the best prevention message to give to a high school or even middle school health class.

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