Art students from Parke Heritage Middle School and High School participated in the d’Arlier Art Show held in Veedersburg. A special reception was held May 2 to honor the artists.

Earning first place was Madison Millspaugh, visual design, Division 2; Anna Nordyke, non-ceramic sculpture, Division 1; Ashlynn Casey, printmaking, Division 1; and Jaclyn Wombles, collage, Division 1.

Second place awards were earned by Adreona Wilson, non-ceramic sculpture for Division 1; Mason Bowsher, ceramic sculpture, Division 1; Cade Mabry, collage; Mallory Stadick, watercolor painting, Division 1; Rebecca Ayers. printmaking, Division 1; and Josie Bodine, visual design, Division 1.

Those students who received third place ribbons are Michaela Troutman, mixed media for Division 1; Stormy Thomas. communication arts for Division 2 and ceramics sculpture for Division 2; Treyton Burgess, ceramic sculpture, Division 1; Aubrey Hart, watercolor painting, Division 1; and Emma Simpson, visual design, Division 1.

Earning honorable mention recognition were Michaela Troutman, mixed media for Division 1; Julia Moerler, non-ceramics sculpture in Division 2; Grace Ramsay, pencil drawing in Division 1; Jasmyne Everson, pencil drawing in Division 1; Robert Lewis, printmaking, Division 1; and Anna Nordyke, mixed media, Division 1.

Other students participating were Bailey Bollinger, Skye Nickle, Jasmyne Everson, Ellen Rohr, Carson Lancaster, Taylor Duggar, Riley Ferguson, Casey Carboni, Julia Moerler and Mackenzie Cole. Also displaying their art pieces were Maura Jacks and Andrea Perkins, Arleth Delgado, Brenna Mager, Maddy Downs, Skylar Vale, Max Dowd, Alexis Coffman, Aedon King, Bailey Jeffers, Kaitlyn Yangling and Trista Britton.

Becky Loudermilk is the middle school art teacher and Leitha Stone is the high school teacher.

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