Lucas supports Gadd for clerk

I am writing to provide my wholehearted endorsement of our serving clerk-treasurer, Terri Gadd.

Terri leads the office of Crawfordsville Clerk Treasurer with professional diligence and passion. Her leadership has been integral to the success of the mayor’s administration, and has provided Crawfordsville with a strong reputation of fiscally responsible and efficient government.

When I first joined the city council in November of 2017, Terri took great care to provide a comprehensive introduction to the workings of city government. Her attention to detail was evident from day one, and her sincerity in striving for excellence shone through.

Terri’s demonstrated competence, and her many certifications and accreditations qualify her to continue leading the office, and to further solidify the financial strength of our city.

I encourage you to support her with your vote in the May 7 primary, and keep Crawfordsville moving forward.

Jeffrey Lucas

City Council, Ward 1


Gadd’s experience can be trusted

I know Terri Gadd and Shari Harrington and consider both of them laudable public servants. Gadd has worked closely with Mayor Todd Barton to ensure we have one of the cleanest, safest and modern cities in Indiana. Harrington has worked hard on emergency management, but she does not seem to have the basic skills needed to fulfill this important city job as clerk-treasurer overseeing a $10 million-plus budget.  

I strongly recommend voters weigh the difference between experience demonstrated by Gadd and the lack of credentials or skills needed to be clerk-treasurer. Harrington is a good public servant, she is just not fit the be clerk-treasurer. 

Mike Fons



Council president supports Gadd

On May 7 Crawfordsville voters have an important decision to make, a choice for city clerk-treasurer. Unfortunately, it is the only contested race on the ballot and the voter turnout is critical. I can’t encourage you citizens enough to be sure and take the time to vote.

It has been my pleasure to serve on the city council since January 2012 and during my tenure Terri Gadd has been the clerk-treasurer. I cannot begin to tell you what a huge asset Gadd has been to the City of Crawfordsville. Our budget is $ 21.5 million and the amount of money that passed through their office in 2018 from various agencies was $96 million. Right now Gadd is working on budget projections for 2022. Beyond her regular daily job she has taken volunteer certification classes through Accelerate Indiana Municipalities. Gadd has always been helpful with any questions I have had concerning the budget or how certain items are funded. The clerk-treasurer’s office needs to be occupied by a person of trust, integrity and tenacity. Gadd certainly fits those requirements.

Please vote May 7 and I would highly encourage you to vote for Gadd.

Andy Biddle, president of 

Common Council for the City of Crawfordsville


Gadd brings wealth of experience to office

We have had the pleasure of knowing Terri Gadd for a number of years through church and business. At every turn, she is the consummate professional and caring individual. We fully support her re-election to the office of City Clerk/Treasurer.

Gadd works extremely well with Mayor Todd Barton and the city council, and teamwork is essential for any institution to run efficiently. When elected officials need help with something, she is knowledgeable and kind in her explanations, and, despite being busy, stops what she is doing to offer that assistance. The atmosphere in Gadd’s office is pleasant and relaxed, but clearly a place where hard work is a priority.

Experience is a valuable commodity, and Gadd brings a wealth of it to the job. For all of the above reasons, we will be voting for Gadd this May.

Charlie and Leslie Warren


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