Some things to consider next election cycle

It was reported that the zoning ordinance was passed partly due to “the threat” of a wind farm coming to Montgomery County. I never considered the possibility of a wind farm as a “threat.” It would have been a blessing to the county if supported and allowed to proceed. However, a group of nay-sayers banded together and exaggerated misconstrued negatives of this potential asset to Montgomery County and have apparently removed this potential good thing for our county from the prospectus. Perhaps some of these folks could offer some idea as to what their children and grandchildren are going to do for energy in a generation or two when fossil fuels are no longer available to provide our electricity. 

What if nay-sayers a century and half ago had won out protesting electricity when it was first harnessed? They were claiming the same things then that the protesters are now. All subsequently found to be baseless. At the same time, no one appears to object to solar farms being constructed. Have you ever noticed how many acres of farmland that a solar installation takes up? Wind makes a very small footprint compared to solar, yet we embrace and approve solar even though is consumes hundreds of acres of land. And, as for the zoning ordinance, it has been an issue for years. 

Having driven thousands of miles over county roads and highways over that time I never saw a sign posted on anyone’s property or along the roadways in favor of zoning. Every sign read “No Zoning.” Apparently the message was misinterpreted by our elected officials resulting in a decision to do what they wanted to do, not what their constituents asked them to do. Some things to consider when the next election rolls around.

Keith Krout


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