Cracking open a book can bring a world of imagination to life.

Books can introduce a wealth of information to individuals young and old alike. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction books can introduce you to a whole different world.

What a better place to discover the world of reading than the Crawfordsville District Public Library. Nestled in one of the meeting rooms in the basement community representatives were stressing the importance of reading. Some of the stories were funny while others were a little more on the serious side. Representatives stationed throughout the room read to children throughout the morning.

The event Everyone Reads sponsored by Gamma Xi chapter of Psi Iota Xi sorority is in its third year. Saturday morning the event saw a constant stream of children and their parents. Thanks to the generosity of Random House books each child in attendance also had the opportunity to choose a free book. Those children wishing to share books they had already read were allowed to swap books with other children.

As a parent it is events like this one that is important to our community. The more we can stress the importance of reading to our children the better off they will be as they work their way through school. The more they read at an early age the better prepared they will be for junior high and high school.

The more joy children can receive from books the more they will want to read. That’s why it is important to find books with subjects that each child can relate to.

For my son, Will, finding the right subject is key to getting him to read. Reading is something that he truly doesn’t enjoy. In choosing a book for him it truly has to be something that he is interested in. If it’s history related that is usually a good choice. He’s not much into fiction books.

Attending the event with me Saturday he had the opportunity to choose a book — he choose one about the Revolutionary War.

As a third grader he is fascinated with anything history related. Presidents, too; if it’s about Lincoln he is all over it. He even went through a faze where he was fascinated with the wreck of the Titanic.

A true upper when you realize that more than half of the people on the ship passed away. The type of book isn’t important; the important part is that every once in a while he will find the urge to pick a book up and read.

I have to admit as a child reading wasn’t my favorite pass time either. I always dreaded it when I had to get up in read in front of the class or do a book report.

Reading was never high on my list, even today it isn’t really high. Kudos to all the sorority members, who make the event possible every year for the community.

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