Reader believes planning and zoning an abomination

Oh goody! John Frey is about to drag us into the great heavenly paradise of growth and prosperity by giving us a plan from on high (or the commissioners’ office) whichever is closest to the Almighty. Surely, those of you who are paying attention read his first smug victory lap letter last week. Now he is touting his plan that was paid for with his wonderful grant money, after the county council wisely refused to fund it.

Planning leads to zoning as night follows day. Zoning is the tool that enables those who are the rulers to take your land or house through the means of eminent domain. They take this for use by whatever thieving purpose they choose because they are utilizing your real estate at its “highest and best use.” Never mind that usually this transfers your hard earned home to a large corporation. But John is touting the huge (and illusory) benefits of “growth.” Perhaps we should ask the residents of Warren, Michigan, or New London, Connecticut, about growth. Perhaps Susette Kelo could explain how the city took hundreds of homes, bulldozed them and turned the land over to Pfizer Corp. The city was promised thousands of jobs, but then Pfizer decided the new plant was too expensive, and the neighborhood is still a vast open lot to this day.

GM built a huge assembly plant in Warren, Michigan, and promised thousands of jobs. It has just been idled and the workers laid off. To get that plant the city and state condemned hundreds of homes and demolished six churches. This can happen here. They can take your home and your land and worse pay you less than what it’s worth. Remember, elections have consequences and John and his cohorts dare moving swiftly to force the landowners to accept planning and zoning. We must fight back. Please consider forming a defense association, because the courts are now our only protection from this abomination. The commissioners care nothing about your rights.

Please, John, tell us who is paying you to spread this manure touting planning and zoning. Tell us exactly what kinds of growth and what benefits we will get. Please tell us who your patrons are and what the hurry is to mess up some of most beautiful land on God’s green earth. Be specific — no pie in the sky.

Dan Booher


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