Veteran upset with treatment

On May 24, my wife and I, on behalf of the American Legion Auxiliary, set up at the east side Kroger to do the poppy donation benefitting disabled veterans. We were informed by a member of management that we were not welcome there and to please remove ourselves. 

As a veteran, and on behalf of all veterans, I found this behavior to be quite upsetting and disappointing.

Bruce Van Iderstine



Reader wants officials to slow down OK of zoning ordinance

Rushing something never works out in the end. I am a mechanic and I hate to be rushed to complete something. I have a system to how I do things. When I feel rushed it may cause me to miss a step, and in my line of work one missed step can be catastrophic. So, I like to make sure my work is done properly. 

Why do I mention this? For the last couple months we have been pleading with the planning commission and county commissioners to slow down and do this zoning ordinance right. Well, there has been a recent development that shows they are rushing things. This zoning ordinance is supposed to mirror and reflect the comprehensive plan. There are nine things the comp plan outlines that the county does not want for development. But this zoning ordinance only addresses one of those nine things. Wind energy. 

There has been a development in the last couple days that relates to the comp plan and zoning ordinance. There has been an application filed for a hog farm in the Linden area, and of course the community is opposed to it. What does this have to do with zoning? 

Confined animal feeding operations are one of those nine things that are in the comp plan that the county opposes for development, but this zoning ordinance commissioners are about to pass does nothing to address this issue. 

This ordinance should address CAFO’s, but it does not. So, by trying to rush this ordinance through, they are about to have a much bigger mess on their hands. Had they given it time and done this ordinance right, this would be a non-issue, as everything would be written in stone. Instead, the citizens are left in limbo, with little options for them to fight this. All this because of a threat of a lawsuit. There has still been no lawsuit officially filed in court. This is more evidence that we need to slow this zoning thing down and do it right. Contact the county commissioner and urge them to slow this down.

Darren Heeke



People deserve to be heard on zoning ordinance

My husband and I were one of several who attended a meeting regarding zoning.

We were informed that Montgomery County Commissioner John Frey told a representative from the Apex that commissioners were voting to pass the zoning ordinance Monday and Montgomery County would have zoning. 

If you are concerned or have questions as we do, attend the meeting at 8 a.m. Monday. We are concerned that three men John Frey, Dan Guard and Jim Fulwider can decide the fate of zoning without the people having the opportunity to vote on a referendum. The only way to know the will of the people.

Sherri Bunnell



Reader concerned with zoning plan

The plan commission voted May 29 to approve the zoning ordinance, which will be forwarded to county commissioners.

I am opposed to industrial wind turbines. I appreciate the wording in the proposed zoning ordinance regarding setback distances from industrial wind turbines. These setbacks are 2,640 feet from non-participating property owners’ property lines, and 1 mile from schools and municipalities. (These setbacks could be much greater to insure health and safety.) These setback distances should never be compromised. There should be no exceptions to these setbacks.

Let me say that I would not take a million dollars to have one industrial wind turbine on my property. First of all, I would never do that to my neighbors. Wind turbines cause all kinds of health problems. They cause great losses in property values. They have been known to interfere with cell phones, television reception and weather radar. They could likely interfere with helicopter Lifeline services, as well as crop dusting. They would cause many people to move out of our county.

These things are not “green energy.” They kill eagles, hawks, bats, and other wild life.

They are not “earth friendly” when you consider the production of all the steel, concrete and other materials going into the construction of these monstrosities.

Well more than 1,700 Montgomery County residents have signed the no wind petition, and there are probably thousands more who agree with us, but have not signed the petition.

I encourage everyone to do their own research to learn the truth about all of this. You can begin your research at the website.

Bill Milam


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