The League of Women Voters of Montgomery County provided a “Registration and Voting” booth at the Business and Professional Women’s annual Reality Store held Monday at the Boys & Girls Club. The BPW’s Reality Store exposes eighth graders in Montgomery County to the realities of adult life with students being assigned a profession, salary, and family situations (single, married, divorced, number of children). South Montgomery Junior High, Crawfordsville Middle School and Northridge students participated in this year’s Reality Store.

Students moved from booth to booth with checkbooks, calendars and clipboards, making decisions based on their scenarios to pay for taxes, housing, utilities, insurance, transportation, clothing, groceries, child care, furniture, medical expenses, entertainment, pets, charitable gifts and more. Many students were forced to take a “second job” or visit the bank to take out a loan when their funds fell short. It was a very eye-opening experience for the students.

The League’s Register and Vote Booth was “free.” Upon visiting the League’s booth, students were “registered” to vote by locating where they live on a Crawfordsville or Montgomery County map. Once registered, the students were given a ballot and directed to a voting booth in order to cast their opinion on four issues of interest. A total of 380 students voted: South 124, Crawfordsville Middle School 138 and Northridge 118. See the chart.

Voting Results

After placing the completed ballot in the ballot box, each student received an “I Voted” sticker, Linda Airey and Mary Lou Dawald coordinated the League project. Other volunteers were: Nancy Bennett, Jim Cherry, Sheridan Hadley, Cherylyn Hunter, Dave Long, Dian Moore, Gail Pebworth and Lynn Robison.

The League’s participation in the Reality Store is an effort to encourage the eighth grade students in Montgomery County to take seriously their responsibility to participate in the electoral process when they reach the age of 18 and become eligible to vote.

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