As you know, Dan Guard took Phil Bane’s spot as commissioner in April. He’s had some time to get his feet wet and I thought I’d sit down with him this week for a little Q&A one on one. 

Frey: What is your professional background?

Guard: I have owned and operated Lawn Guard (formerly known as Vita Green Lawn) for the past 15 years. Prior to that, I was a supervisor for Fed Ex Ground in Indianapolis.

Frey: Where do you live and tell me about your family?

Guard: My wife, Stacey, and I have been married 25 years and live in Crawfordsville. She has been a teacher at Crawfordsville Middle School for 26 years. We have a daughter, Darby, who recently graduated from Anderson University and is a labor/delivery nurse at Anderson Community Hospital and is getting married in August. Our son, Devin, will be a junior at Wabash College.

Frey: Any current or past board work? 

Guard: I served on the Crawfordsville City Council for almost eight years, where I served as liaison to several departments, as well as the city’s appointee to plan commission, utility service board and visitor’s commission. I am currently the chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party, as well as, a precinct committee member.

Frey: What made you decide to run for county commissioner?

Guard: I enjoyed being on city council and felt like I wanted to get involved at the county level. I had a conversation with a friend of mine last summer, while on a bike ride, and asked him what he thought about me running for commissioner if Phil Bane didn’t run again. His answer convinced me that I should give it some serious thought. I had plans of running in 2020 and will file for the May primary in 2020.

Frey: What have you seen as the biggest difference in your transition from a city councilman to county commissioner?

Guard: Involvement! There is definitely an increase in phone calls, emails and meetings. I have met so many people in eight weeks and have been part of committees and sub-committees.

Frey: Tell me about some of your goals.

Guard: I really don’t have any set policy goals in mind, but I do have goals of meeting with all of the department heads and get to know what they do on a daily basis. Understanding the budgets of the county council and the commissioners is important to me, as well, so I am currently looking over both of them. 

Frey: What specific committees will you be working on? 

Guard: I will be part of several boards and committees. Regional sewer district, West Central Solid Waste, courthouse, GIS, IT department, flood plain commission, South Boulevard building, MC/City of Crawfordsville Economic Development and LEPC. 

Frey: Any specific areas of concern?

Guard: The condition of our county roads and bridges and the funding for them are a concern of mine. 

Frey: Final thoughts?

Guard: I am optimistic in the direction the county is going. I feel we are creating an environment that attracts people and business to make Montgomery County their home, which allows us to broaden our tax base and helps pay for the services our county and citizens require. My hope is that I can fill out the remainder of this term as commissioner and have the opportunity at a four-year term in 2020.

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