From last week and trying to get dates straight, this week has my foot to the proverbial floorboard this first week of my football season.

It started last weekend, and I want to send out a huge thank-you to six student-athletes, four athletic directors and about a dozen coaches who helped me write the stories that ran earlier this week.

Jeff Nelson

It was a project that got bigger as the assignment went, but it turned out to be a real honor to tell the stories of these folks and their stories as they have finished their high school careers.

That was just the warm-up lap for the rest of the week, as football becomes most of my life until the end of the year.

There have been chats with high school coaches as that season gears up. There have been lots of emails, plenty of downloads and even some phone calls as my first Colts game of the season approaches. The first game last Thursday produced the regular hiccups in some software or procedures, so we have been addressing all those.

My first Fox game of this season is also this weekend, so there have been emails, text messages, overnight deliveries, a couple phone calls and a couple hours trying to decipher the new stats research programs.

Oh yeah, we are finishing the city league softball tournament this week and I’m needing to get the fall league organized.

Nothing much, right?

So the schedule goes: Friday night has a trip to Sheridan to see what the Athenians football team is about as they have their scrimmage. I have a Sunday night deadline to get their preview story done, so that has to happen Friday night because there is no time left in the weekend.

Saturday I have an early arrival at Lucas Oil since the Colts are kicking off at 4 in the afternoon. I need to get there at 8 in the morning. First is to fix the little gremlins from last week, then get ready for the game Saturday.

That early game will get me more sleep than I thought, so that is nice, since I have a 6 a.m. flight out of Indy Sunday morning to Minneapolis. My Fox game is Sunday night.

I am going to spend Monday in the Cities to sponge off my brother and his wife, and return Tuesday.

So, it was twiddling my thumbs a week ago to three events in three sports in three cities this weekend.

Much more like normal!

The good news is that I left my travel bags close enough that they won’t take much prep work. I don’t have a connecting flight to catch, and the bottom line is that all three games don’t count at the end of the season. The scrimmage won’t have a final score, and the two preseason games are just that. I’ll see a lot of players who won’t be on any active rosters on Labor Day.

Speaking of that, I also landed a college football game on Labor Day. Good way to spend the holiday.

I hope everyone is getting back into their school schedules, or fall schedules or if nothing else, is prepping for the fantasy drafts.

Safe travels.

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