Somebody pass the iced tea.

I know during the winter we vowed never to complain about the heat when summer rolled in, and I am not complaining about the hot weather we have had and are going to experience in the next few days. Years on the farm proved to me beyond the shadow of a doubt that super cold is worse than super hot.

But I also know that this heat wave is dangerous, so please be careful everyone.

So what am I going to do?

Go cover baseball in the middle of the hottest days of the year.

The Legion baseball team is opening up their playoff season Friday, playing in Lafayette.

At 4 in the afternoon.

Talk about timing. I know Coach Proctor has taken steps with his team to battle the heat. They have three tough opponents to play against, and all the games are going to be in the hot and the sun.

I’m hoping for a spot in the shade. I’ll try and keep the sweat off my score sheets.

There have been lots of trips down to the softball complex this past week, as we put water down on the outfields to keep the grass from drying up. The well we have is producing well, but the only time to put water down in this heat wave is during the night, so there have been extra trips to run the irrigation system extra hours.

Yes, there have been a couple trips down early in the morning to shut off sprinkler heads that forgot to quit during the night. I arrived Sunday morning and it looked like Sugar Creek had come up during the night – two sprinkler heads had left a lot of water on the infield in four extra hours.

But, Mother Nature took care of the rest, and the water soaked right in.

In other Mother news, my Mom had a great trip out do Denver. Her flights were on time, she and some family got a lot of sight-seeing in, and they even went to a baseball game. She said she resisted the temptation to stop at any of the cannabis stores...

There have been more NFL related calls and emails as that season gets closer by the day. I have even gotten my first call about working a game that I had to turn down because I was already booked.

Aside from that, it’s close to the end of the low-profile weeks. I hope everyone had a good time at the County Fair and congratulations to all the winners. I know there was a tremendous amount of work that went into every single project, whether a craft or a critter.

Safe travels.

Jeff Nelson works in national television. His column appears each Thursday in the Journal Review.

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