I get my first (and hopefully only) Mulligan of the season.

They say you only get one on the tee shot of the first hole, so my goof should be on the first game of my football season.

Last week I said things got started for me this week with a Colts game, and three more NFL games follow this month.

The four games is correct, just not the timing.

You Colts fans know that they start tonight, and on the road, instead of home Saturday, so I have more of the weekend free to finish a couple stories that technically wrap up last high school’s year.

Jeff Nelson

Instead of this Saturday and next, I have Colts games next Saturday and the one after that. It isn’t really that far apart, and I still have a trip to Minnesota after next Saturday’s game.

I know that because I got my flights booked, and those folks know the schedules better than I do.

There has also been a Labor Day game added in Louisville since last Thursday, so that takes care of the holiday.

In place of the first Colts stats and production work, I got a couple minutes jump on early Fox work. There were folks to get in touch with, new stats sites to be given access to, yadda yadda.

Not a lot of miles, but plenty of odds and ends to work on.

I know that all our local school kids got their first miles under their belts with first day bus rides. The good warm weather always helps fuel the “why start so soon” discussions. A good share of our farm kids made a trip or three to the State Fair to show off their work, and congrats to our combined band unit for their great showing as well.

The fall sports athletes have all started practice, and the golfers have even gotten a match in. I know I’m soon to be in a warm gym for first volleyball and warmer football press boxes as that season gets going.

We wrapped up the summer softball leagues too. Congratulations to University Lending/Grundy Woodworking on their extra-inning playoff win over Tom’s Marine/Cville Outdoor for the summer league title. The city tourneys got started this week as well, the women’s league is holding their postseason  action, and we are organizing fall leagues. For the first time in my memory, we weren’t awarded a men’s state softball tournament, so with the Strawberry Festival rainout, it was the lightest summer ever at Elston. We are hosting the state coed finals in mid-September.

So, it is time to take that last breath as we head into the fall.

Hope everyone has had a sample of the first sweet corn. Pretty tasty.

Safe travels.

Jeff Nelson works in national television. His column appears each Thursday in the Journal Review.

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