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2022 year-long display reading challenge


For our most passionate readers and regular library visitors, this year we are introducing a year-long reading challenge based on our displays. Each month our librarians lovingly curate custom book displays based on different unique themes. We hope these displays help our visitors discover books that they wouldn’t have found otherwise and introduce them to new genres and book types.

Last year we had some awesome and creative displays. My personal favorite was our “Literary Tour of Mars” which featured books by authors who have spots on Mars named after them (in honor of the Perseverance rover landing site being named for the author, Octavia Butler). I also really enjoyed our “Ergodic Literature” display which was all about books that tell a story in a nontraditional way, either through an exchange of letters, through documents, in dictionary entries, or, in one case, with a single letter being removed from each chapter (Ella Minnow Pea: A Novel Fic Dun). My favorite display to curate was our “Time Travel” display because this is one of my favorite genres to read. Most of the books were my own personal recommendations. We even had some displays based on internet memes, like our “Bones, No Bones” and “Good Soup” displays. Plus of course, we had more traditional displays like “Whodunit? Murder Mysteries” and “Stellar Sci-fi.” If you would like to see what books were featured on our past displays visit our website at, click on Econtent>Discover New Reads>Library Displays, or of course you can also ask a librarian to look it up for you.

This year will bring a whole new set of imaginative displays and the goal of the 2022 Display Reading Challenge is to read two books from two different library displays each month of the year. There are usually three or more displays on both floors, so there are plenty of options to choose from. The books don’t have to be physical either if that’s not your style. Ebooks and audiobooks are fair game as long as they are featured on one of our displays. There is also no pressure if you fall behind. If you miss a month, you can check our previous displays online (or ask a librarian) and catch yourself up. This challenge is for pure enjoyment for those library patrons who want to expand their reading palate and try new things.

We have booklets at the library that you can pick up to record what books you read, as well as your thoughts on the books. However, you are more than welcome to create your list at home too.

Need more information? Stop at the reference desk on the second floor. You may also reach us by phone at 765-362-2242, ext. 117 or by email at We hope you enjoy this new challenge.


Emma Lashley is a library assistant in the Reference and Local History Department at Crawfordsville District Public Library.


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