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4-H giving back, one pound at a time


March was another month of our Junior Leader program giving back to those in need. When many people think of those that are hungry and in need of a nutritious meal, they think of impoverished countries. However, you may not need to look too far to find families in need of a meal. Did you know that 13.9% of children in Montgomery County are food insecure (2020)? The term food insecure means the lack of access, at times, to enough food for an active, healthy lifestyle.

While this issue has no overnight solution, the Montgomery County 4-H Junior Leaders found a way to take a small step towards reducing this percentage. At their March meeting, they partnered with the Waynetown Kids Against Hunger organization to pack meals for those locally that are in need. The mission of Kids Against Hunger is to provide fully nutritious food to children and families globally and locally.

Junior Leaders worked for an hour to fill, weigh, seal and pack meals that would benefit families in the county. Through this partnership, they were able to 15 boxes. Each box contained 36 packages of food, with each package equaling 6 meals. This means they helped provide 3,240 meals for those in need.

The 4-H program focuses on teaching youth life skills through a variety of educational programs, community service projects, and more. At this meeting, it filled my bucket up to see our 4-H members fully display their skills of teamwork, concern for others, empathy, citizenship, and leadership. They not only worked together as a team, but they also partnered with a local organization to help address a local issue.

Junior Leaders (for youth in grades 7-12) is just one of our many opportunities offered through the 4-H program. If you have or know of a youth in grades K-12 that may be interested in 4-H, it is not too late to enroll. Visit https://v2.4honline.com to enroll today. The cost for Mini 4-H (youth currently in grades K-2nd) is free and the cost for regular 4-H (youth currently in grades 3rd-12th) is $15/child. If you have any questions about 4-H or want more information about programs offered, contact the Purdue Extension-Montgomery County office at 765-364-6363 or email asweet@purdue.edu.


Abby Morgan is the Montgomery County Extension Education, 4-H Youth Development Educator. The office is at 400 Parke Ave., Crawfordsville; 765-364-6363. She may be reached by email at asweet@purdue.edu.


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