A Christmas Wedding

An unexpected turn of events takes to the Vanity Stage


A Christmas Wedding opens at the Vanity Theater on Friday.

This will be an Indiana premier of this COVID-delayed sequel to the 2018’s show Santa Diaries.

This is the story of how the young couple who rediscovered their love in the first play, now return home to a “simple, small town Christmas wedding.” Of course, when weddings and Christmas mix, nothing is simple, and it is does not help that the wedding is going to be a part of a Reality TV show.

The volunteer firemen, casserole ladies and actors from the town’s annual production of A Christmas Carol once again provide a hilarious back drop for the wedding, and a foil for the “Hollywood-ization” brought by the reality TV show.

Veteran Vanity actors Michael Patton, Kurt and Carol Homann and Diana Durbin reprise their roles respectively as Josh Shankman, Sandy and Martha Hawes and Brandeee (always with three e’s). They are augmented by relative newcomers Melanie and Nate Baldwin as Jessica and Will who come home to be married, along with Orion Durbin as their son, Tim.

Like any good story there are multiple layers, and these are woven together by the same team that brought you Rumors and Santa Diaries — director Keith Strain and producer Kym Bushong. While it seems this is a story about a couple and their uphill battle to keep the wedding simple, it also reveals priorities and relationships, as everyone from son Tim through Santa Claus try to find what really matters — not just at Christmas but in all times.

A cast of 26 represents this unnamed small town whose holiday plans are turned upside down, and who seek to both hang on to their traditional expectations while rising to the challenge of helping others find and know joy and happiness.

You can expect nostalgic carol singing, humorous moments, somber reflection, a search for identity, purpose and meaning, the eruption of gaiety and joy even in the darkest moments, and, of course, an “Ahh” ending.

So come and enjoy the struggle to keep the season simple, joyful, predictable but also be able to “embrace the crazy” as the Sugar Creek Players present A Christmas Wedding.

The play will run Dec. 2-4 and Dec. 9-11. The four evening shows are at 7 p.m. Due to the Christmas Parade, the Dec. 4 show will be at 5 p.m., while the second matinee on Dec. 11 will be at 2:30 p.m.

Tickets are on sale at sugarcreekplayers.org and will be available at the door.

This production is sponsored by the bridal shop in Ladoga, Jessica’s on Main.

A Christmas Wedding was written by Mala Burk and Laura Ambler.


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