CARA awards 36 diplomas to diverse group of students


The Crawfordsville Adult Resource Academy held a grand celebration June 27. The program, whose motto is “Building Tomorrow’s Opportunities,” had a graduation ceremony for a diverse group of students who completed the program in 2024.

The achievements of 36 students, each with their unique journey and representing a wide range of backgrounds, were celebrated by a packed auditorium of family and friends at Crawfordsville High School.

The night was highlighted by three speakers providing insight into their personal stories.

Nery Carmona told the audience how he left Mexico and was separated from his family for seven years as he worked to make a better life. He recounted his overwhelming challenges with a language barrier, new social customs, and adapting to a new country. The journey forced him to find a strength within himself that he did not know existed. Now, Carmona stood before the audience with a message of hope and gratitude, a living testament to the power of personal growth and resilience.

Blanca Azamar and her husband, Jose Angulo, graduated together on the stage. Both came to the United States as professionals with degrees from a Mexican university. Four words on their living room wall, “Dream, Wish, Believe, Love,” led them to this moment of receiving their High School Equivalency diplomas. Every day, they saw those words and found the determination to persevere. Their two sons notably celebrated their success on this day.

Friendly teachers and classmates immediately helped Cinthya Perez find her place in the community. In her speech, she highlighted how the CARA program provided her with “a light of hope” and significantly transformed her life as she worked toward her goals. She praised the dedication, passion, warmth, and enthusiasm shown to her, underscoring the effectiveness of the CARA program.

Rambunctious cheers and hearty claps as each student crossed the stage filled the auditorium with a fabulous evening of celebration and love. Family, friends, and supporters, united in their pride and support, witnessed these individuals take steps into their brighter futures. Graduates, teachers, administrators, and audience members left the auditorium with joy for the well-earned honors, feeling a powerful sense of community and support.