City conducting comprehensive community branding strategy


The City of Crawfordsville is currently in the process of conducting a comprehensive rebranding strategy to accurately reflect the Crawfordsville community.

The rebranding will include a new logo and tagline for the city to market itself and engage with the community. As the strategy is developed, the most important aspect is to incorporate citizens’ opinions and perspectives initially by conducting a brief survey to receive authentic feedback.

The City of Crawfordsville highly encourages participation from residents, local leaders and even visitors to ensure the city is represented throughout the entirety of the rebranding process.

“Rebranding the City of Crawfordsville is much-anticipated,” said Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton. “We want to showcase everything the City of Crawfordsville has to offer and more, especially the residents and businesses, which is why we are so excited to open dialogue to share all perspectives.”

When conducting this rebranding process to mirror the energy and vision of Crawfordsville, several items will be addressed. Extensive research will provide benchmark cities of similar size, demographic and economy. Surveying residents, the business community, local leaders and visitors will help determine the overall story. A forum will identify key stakeholders to discuss the overarching perception. An asset analysis will interpret strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Finally, drafting and finalizing key messages will increase traction and a positive perception of the community. The project will take place for the remainder of 2023 and into 2024.

The ultimate goal for the survey is to cater to citizens who live and work in Montgomery County, students at Wabash College and Crawfordsville visitors, while creating a brand that allows various stakeholders, citizens and businesses to interact and engage with the brand. Based on respondents’ answers, the survey asks further prompts to gather the most accurate and up-to-date audience perception. This survey is just the beginning in terms of prioritizing Crawfordsville citizens’ perspectives.

“The vision for the City of Crawfordsville is to create accessible, increased awareness that we are a small city with immense possibilities that can attract diverse individuals from across the state of Indiana and beyond,” Barton said.

To participate in the survey for the City of Crawfordsville, visit www.survey


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