City to celebrate first-ever Juneteenth Celebration

Activities planned for weekend of June 28-30


Crawfordsville’s history is replete with stories of war heroes, political figures, famous business people, groundbreaking discoveries, scientists, astronauts, and tales of Native Americans. Markers have been dedicated, books written, and newspaper articles published showcasing these pieces of our historic town.

But there is a large, integral piece of our history missing from this story — Black history. 

Black communities were instrumental in assisting freedom seekers on the Underground Railroad, in resisting Ku Klux Klan efforts to destroy their livelihoods, and in creating a resilient community that bonded together to assist, protect, support and comfort their fellow mankind. 

They ran businesses that were not necessarily listed in the city directories. They served with dignity and pride in the Civil War and the World Wars. They educated their children in separate and unequal facilities. They overcame adversities and prejudices most of us cannot imagine. 

To recognize and honor this omitted part of the local history, Crawfordsville will celebrate the first-ever Juneteenth Celebration the weekend of June 28-30.

Eunice Trotter will speak June 28 at Wabash College and on June 29 the Crawfordsville Soul Stroll will strive to bring recognition to the
contributions that Crawfordsville’s Black community members and organizations made to this city.

On June 30, a gospel sing will be hosted by the Bethel AME Church.

Along the way, organizers hope that residents learn and are open to dialogues that may be difficult and uncomfortable, appreciate the struggles experienced in the lives of marginalized people, and share with others this overlooked piece of history.