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Clerk outlines how to vote by mail


As stated many times, it is a goal of the commissioners to share as much information as possible, and from many points of view. And keeping current events in the forefront, this week, we asked the Montgomery County Clerk to submit an article to help inform us all about the changes to our election process because of COVID-19.

Karyn: I am taking this opportunity to get the word out to the public in regards to the upcoming election. As most of you know, the Primary Election was postponed from May 5 to June 2 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Clerks across the state, myself included, were very much in favor of the postponement. Since we are in uncertain times, there is not a lot that is in our control.

We all want to keep our families safe and try to minimize face-to-face contact. This is why voting by mail is available to everyone who is a registered voter. You might ask yourself, “Why worry about voting?” My answer to that is so we can choose who will be in charge when things like this happen. We all want an elected official to do the right thing and think about the public they are representing.

Voting by mail is so easy and costs you nothing but a couple of minutes of your time. And if we are staying home, we have plenty of time. What a good opportunity to be able to vote while your kids are at home and teach them about the importance of voting.

You can request to vote by mail now through May 21. To request a ballot be mailed to you, an application needs to be filled out telling us what party’s ballot you would like for us to send. Once we get the application, we mail out the ballot. When you receive your ballot, it will come with a postage paid envelope so all you have to do is vote and put it back in your mailbox. It is that simple.

As it stands right now, early voting in person will begin May 5. Watch for updates on dates and times in the local papers and listen to the local radio. If you would be interested in working the polls, contact our office at 765-364-6437. Since the election has been moved to June 2, and you happen to be off work on summer break, it would be a great opportunity to help your community.

To request to vote by mail, contact our office at 765-364-6437 or email at or or on the county’s website at  Additional information can be found on the Indiana Secretary of State’s site at

Thanks to Karyn Douglas for keeping us informed. And don’t forget to check out the Commish Facebook page @montgomerycountycommish. for more information and updates.


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