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Former resident pens book to remind children that love is eternal

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Marla Hughes believes the most important things in life are not seen with they eyes, but felt with the heart.

The former Crawfordsville native shares that message in her newly released 38-page children’s book, “Love Magic.”

“Love Magic” is a comforting story about 6-year-old Charlie who is missing her grandfather “Pop Pop,” who has recently passed to heaven. Gramma reminds Charlie how Pop Pop told her before he passed that all she had to do was think of him and he would be there.

This beautiful story is a reminder that love is eternal and that we can always connect with those we love through remembering, visualization, signs, synchronicities and sharing “love bubbles.”

“I believe that Love Magic evokes the beauty of children’s spiritual experiences,” said Hughes, who now lives in Colorado. “This is a story about the beautiful ways our loved ones still communicate with us, even after they have passed on. The gentle wisdom of this book reminds all of us that those we love are always with us and the world is vibrant with their presence. It also helps all of us to discover how to hold and connect to those we love in both the seen and unseen realms.”

The book is illustrated by David Molinero.

Hughes wrote this book because “I want children to live in love instead of fear when someone they love passes. I want them to know those special connections though not visiible ot the eye, are known to be true in the heart. My hope is that this book will bring comfort to all of us, no matter where we are.”

Hughes has worked with children her entire life in a number of different capacities. She has a podcast, Interviews with Innocence, that features experts in the fields of science and metaphysics who focus on children and spirituality. She is the founder of the Ethiopian Family Fund, a nonprofit dedicated to developing sustainable education and healthcare for Ethiopian children and their families.

A copy of the book has been donated to the Crawfordsville District Public Library.

The author also has donated a limited number of books to the Journal Review. They are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The book may be purchased on Amazon for Kindle or in paperback and hard cover versions.


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