County council takes measures to finance courthouse repairs


Courthouse renovations came a step closer to fruition Tuesday at the Montgomery County Council meeting.

Council members approved a resolution that identifies a need for work to be done on the exterior of the historic building.

The resolution is the first step to securing financing. The downtown landmark will be leased to a building corporation that can borrow funds in the term of a bond. The procedure is similar to how the county financed the construction of the present jail.

Council members discussed how to spend the additional income tax distribution received from the state. The county received $755,384 which will be placed in the general fund. The Public Safety Local Income Tax fund also received $523,816. The council will discuss the additional appropriations uses with county financial advisor Jeff Peters to help them decide where to place the funds.

The council approved how the Opioid Settlement funds will be distributed in 2025. At the recommendation of the Drug Free Montgomery County Leadership Team, the funds will be used to support the salary of the Drug Free Montgomery County Coordinator and a grant match. Most of the money will be for grant awards to local organizations actively working to address substance abuse in the county. Last year the funds from the state totaled $206,963.

Former chair of the Wabash College English Department Dr. Chrystal Benedicks was approved to fill the vacant seat on Crawfordsville Public Library Board of Trustees. Benedicks has served on the board for three years previously. Brian Keim is retiring from the board of trustees as of June 30.