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Dorothy Q Chapter


The Dorothy Q Chapter, National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution, met at 2 p.m. Nov. 20 in the Elston Memorial House, with Regent Rita Kirkpatrick presiding, as she welcomed 15 members, one perspective members and special guest speaker, Tom Neal.

Kirkpatrick opened the meeting beginning the call to order leading us in reciting, the Pledge of Allegiance, American’s Creed and Preamble to the Constitution, followed by singing the National Anthem. Rachel Brown led us in singing our American Heritage song of the month, “America The Beautiful.”

The program was presented by Neal, a Terre Haute native who is an old house lover, renovator and preservationist. He brought-forth a power-point presentation of his four-year journey in restoring his quaint little house located on South Grant Avenue, into an awe-inspiring, extravagant Greek Revival Cottage; rich in history that dates back to 1850.

After the program, Gloria White read the Presidents General’s Message “Rise up in Service” celebrate local history and thank local veterans as we commemorate the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and remember Nov. 11 and what it means. Ericia Church read the National Defender Report regarding Veterans Day, Nov. 11, a federal holiday in honoring and paying tribute to all American Veterans, living or dead — who served their country honorably. 

Patriot Story: Kirkpatrick reads Judy Fifer’s Patriot story on Thomas Mason, who enlisted with the Delaware Blue Line on July 16, 1778.

Michele Borden read the minutes from last month’s meeting, which where approved as read. Brown read the treasurer’s report. Two bills to reimburse payment, first to Susan Fischer, postage for application, lapel pin and three wreaths and Barb Taylor for name tag from Top Line, motion made by Terry Fyffe, second motion made by Church, motion carries for chapter to pay bills.

Kirkpatrick read a letter received from Lew Wallace Study with a donation to the chapter in memory of Rosemary Shelton Robbins Tanner.

New membership vote: Michele Borden read the by-laws in Article III, Members, Section 2. Admission … thee new members. The ballots for membership turned in as a unanimous vote and membership accepted.

Committee Reports: Kirkpatrick tells of the American Indians held value of sea-shells and beads. Sharon Southern gave the Conservation Report: and advises when cutting dead trees, let trees be, wait until spring to cut as trees provide shelter and food for many animals. Good Citizen: Borden relays three essays have been received from the area high schools and are being reviewed for the Dorothy Q Chapter winner. American Spirit Magazine: Brown advises to subscribe and learn more about interesting historical articles — last month “Richard Montgomery” an American Revolutionary War general, whom our county is named after. DAR Project Patriot: received 370 coupons for our military families. Service to America: So far 635 hours for 2021, remember to log your hours of any work you do in the community. Flag: When you see a worn out or tattered flag, be sure to mention it. Women’s Issues: remember when feeling stressed, take a break, walk, do craft work and reach out to a friend, shop. DAR Service for Veterans: Gifts collected for Veterans Home, after being itemized, will be delivered by Sharon Southern. Elston Foundation: Rachel advises the foundation is dropping the landline; the fall report has been placed in foyer of the Elston home.

Cares and Concerns: Southern advises sympathy cards sent to two chapter members, Anna Dixon in loss of her sister and Linda Busenbark in the loss of her mother.

Elston Memorial Home-House Tours: Fyffe advises the first house tour went well, five members from William Henry Harrison chapter in Valparaiso came to enjoy a personally guided tour of this historical home. The upcoming Dorothy Q Chapter website will be completed soon; tours (reservation only) may be inquired through the Montgomery County Historical Society web page, cost $7 adults and $5 for students.

New Business: Oliver Wendell Holmes Poem and the portrait of Dorothy Q (Quincy), to be professionally matted and framed, Brown makes a motion for the chapter to reimburse payment for the work, Southern second motion, motion carries.

Thank you card sent to Beth Swift for presenting her program last month on the Elston Family.

Borden makes a motion to purchase a new Christmas tree for the chapter house, Brown seconds motion, motion carried.

Kirkpatrick reads her Patriot’s Story on Private, John French and Son, Private Mathew French, Virginia.

Announcements: Bring your patriot stories; coupons for our military; Indiana DAR newsletter has Dorothy Q Chapter listed with five new members. No Fall Forum this year due to COVID-19; Continental Congress will be held June 26 through July 4, 2022; Please let Kirkpatrick know if you have any changes for the yearbook and also, in the year ahead, keep your committee chair informed to prevent last-minute confusion.

Rememberances to local Patriots: 1:30 p.m. Nov. 28 meet at the Elston Home as we are decorating the Revolutionary War Patriot graves throughout the county, also, decorating a first real daughter at Oak Hill North. Followed with resuming back at the Elston home at 5:30 p.m. for the lighting of the candles — Fyffe thanks everyone for donating batteries, as there is a good supply to keep the candles lite this season. 

At 1 p.m. Dec. 4 is a brief meeting and ritual, then time to decorate the chapter house for the holidays. Chaplin Southern offered the benediction before adjourning the meeting to the dining room for a fall harvest Thanksgiving tablescape with refreshments of iced pumpkin bars, cream puff pastries, nuts and  mints, prepared by Fisher and Borden.

Next meeting will be at 2 p.m. Feb. 19. Special program, Who was Dorothy Q? with Susan Fisher and Terri Fyffe.


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